MMEPP by Philip Vencken


Philip is setting up a new architectural design firm, together with 4 collegues/friends; Majka Mikulska, Magnus Weightman, Edwin Larkens and Paul Geurts. The new firm will be called MMEPP. Our environment matters! The basics of architecture and design lie in the integral process of creativity, craftmanship and ability of execution.

Therefore, MMEPP is a full service architectural, interior architecture, urban design and product design firm. MMEPP is currently working on 3 projects in Arnhem, Wapenveld and Giethoorn. At the moment we are preparing our website and are putting together a book with our relevant experience.

Urban Study Foundation by Philip Vencken

Philip has started a new foundation, Urban Study Foundation, together with Emiel Lamers and Roeland Dreissen. USF organizes study trips to cities in Europe for a multidisciplinary group of professionals who concern themselves in our living space. Usf also organizes seminars on a wide range of topics to stimulate an integral debate on our environment.

Masterplan Ennerveld, Wapenveld by Philip Vencken

Screen Shot 2017-07-04 at 15.33.59.png

Philip Vencken and Studio Larkemika have been appointed as architects for the Ennerveld project, near Wapenveld, Gelderland. 

Ennerveld is a 23 Ha former camping site, which is part of the north east flank of the Dutch natural park The Veluwe. The project consists of 25 forest houses, 52 apartments, overlooking an old and beautiful sandpit and a communal building, offering a reception, restaurant, workshop facilities, wellness and an office. 

Philip Vencken and Studio Larkemika are responsible for the Masterplan, architecture and fitting out of the buildings.

Headquarters Concerta, London by Philip Vencken

Philip Vencken has been responsible for the design and fitting out of the new headquarters for Concentra in London. The offices, which are at Cheapside behind St. Paul’s Cathedral, are designed to encompass the rapid growth of Concentra, an international company involved in data driven organisation design. 

The offices consists of an entrance square with restaurant, meet up spaces and bar, a meeting square with several meeting and concentration rooms, a concentration hub, a large flexible open working area and wet areas and storage.